Blurred Lines?

By now you’ve seen the video Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrell but have you seen the genderbent parody??? 
Recently many people have questioned the overt sexism and objectifying (and subtle references to sexual assault) in the Robin Thicke video. So in response this video was made, with a near perfect match of bizarre posing, activities, and wardobe of the original. 
What kind of commentary does it make? Surely it point outs the clear double standard of having women being portrayed as little more than furniture, as a normal music video trope and how when you replace them with men it makes the viewer uncomfortable. Why? Because seeing men as voiceless, objectified, nearly nude, submissive, objects for the viewer to ogle off is so foreign to us as a society?
I think parodying the way women are portrayed in media is the first step in changing it. 

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