Where Are the Female Werewolves in Television and Movies?

Yes, Halloween is over, but though we spent the month talking about our favorite female witches and vampires, there’s one supernatural bad girl that still doesn’t get a lot of love and attention, and that’s female werewolves.

One exception is the genre of urban fantasy, in which there are plenty of female werewolves, as in the Mercedes Thompson Series, Otherworld series, Blood and Chocolate, and so on, but when it comes to the screen, whether it be the big or small one, there’s a lot less—not to mention that a lot of times, when we do get female werewolves, they often don’t get a lot of respect.

Though there are gems like Ginger Snaps and Trick r Treat, there is also a lot of sexism when female werewolves are onscreen. That includes a lot of implications of an inherent bitchiness and due to there usually being more men than women represented, they are usually talked down to by other male werewolves.

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