A Queen of Ice and Fire: Celebrating the Many Characters of Lena Headey

Judge Dredd Still Image

For the past eight years, actress Lena Headey has been intertwined with her character on Game of Thrones; the icy and ruthless Cersei Lannister. Easily one of televisions most hated characters of all time, Headey still brought humanity and depth to her character, making her greater than what could’ve easily been a caricature of a villain. A fiercely protective mother and a tragic past made her the most dangerous character in Westeros. Cersei is a wild card in the upcoming final episodes of the popular series, and so is Headey’s bright future after. Her lengthy list of credits has brought a wealth of characters made more unforgettable by her range and versatility. While we wait for the final episodes to arrive, we look back at some Headey’s best roles in genre and genre adjacent film. These characters were improved by her performances, all standouts even if them (sic) films themselves weren’t quite as memorable.

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