Bee and Puppycat

From Cartoon Hangover, a Cartoon Network style collection of animated shows, comes the full episode of Bee and Puppycat. Creator Natasha Allegri, who formerly worked on another of my favorite cartoons, Adventure Time, left to work on her own show. 
Riding the new trend (god I hope its a trend) of magical girl influenced, female-helmed animated shows and comics, Bee and Puppycat is a welcome sight. Space, evil monsters, past due rent, cute boys, and vocaloid sounding cat-puppy type things is what you will get with the first full episode. 
Peep them poppers yo! 


It must have been between 2002-2003 that I somehow ran across the website of a beautiful Japanese girl who was dressed in lolita and visual kei clothes.
Upon more discovery I found that this girl produced some really incredible art that was very kawaii and very sexy, reminiscent of the art of Akira Toriyama, but with a fetish-y kick. She was very popular on the message boards, especially in the early days of livejournal.

Upon even more discovery, I found out that this super cute girl I was fawning over was indeed, a boy. That’s right, the artist and model was a man named Dai-chan
In the earlier years, Dai-chan worked at a maid cafe where all the maids were actually bishonen. Needless to say, my admiration for Dai only grew
Dai-chan now is a full time illustrator, game developer and fashion enthusiast who was married not too long ago to an equally beautiful girl. 
I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with! Dai-chan and his wife’s cute and often very perverted outfits OR his cute and often very perverted art! I’ll let you decide!

And! If you haven’t had enough of Dai-chan’s cuteness here is a video of him lip-syncing to a song called “Chocolate Philosophy” by Tomosuke

Here’s a video of characters based off of Dai-chan’s illustrations in a fighting game!

Follow Dai-chan on Twitter @Dai_Addict


Sakizo/Sakizou サイト名 is a illustrative artist from Japan, who does many series of ornate, baroque inspired drawings of characters. These characters are usually representations of things like candy, desserts, flowers, and other beautiful feminine and evocative things. These images bring a sense of another world where people drown in beautiful dresses and full hairdos, where fairy tales are real and everyone has perfect skin. I want to go to there. But since I’m stuck in this ugly, glamourless world I have the work of Sakizo to keep me inspired and fully fed on beauty. Since this artist works mainly in Japan, it is hard to get more information on her but I think her art speaks for itself.


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