Bee and Puppycat

From Cartoon Hangover, a Cartoon Network style collection of animated shows, comes the full episode of Bee and Puppycat. Creator Natasha Allegri, who formerly worked on another of my favorite cartoons, Adventure Time, left to work on her own show. 
Riding the new trend (god I hope its a trend) of magical girl influenced, female-helmed animated shows and comics, Bee and Puppycat is a welcome sight. Space, evil monsters, past due rent, cute boys, and vocaloid sounding cat-puppy type things is what you will get with the first full episode. 
Peep them poppers yo! 

Animation: Steven Universe

With a name like Steven Universe you wouldn’t think this show has made a huge mark for women in television but it has. This show is the first animated television show with a female showrunner. Rebecca Sugar, former storyboard artist, writer and composer for Adventure Time has now created her own show about a group of female galactic warriors and their youngest, male member Stevie. 

This show looks like a take on the magical girl trope, with mixes of a 80’s “space opera”. Each girl has her own magical gemstone that gives her a super powered weapon, they travel through the use of a crystal portal and Stevie (who also has his own unpowered gemstone in his bellybutton) waits for them to return, trying to help anyway he can. 
Anyway, take a look at the pilot and let me know what you think!

With Spanish subtitles!

How to Pose Like a Cute Anime Girl

If you’re a kawaii magical girl in training like me, you need to know how to do some kawaii ass poses. The next time an evil nega-slime monster tries to capture you in a pseudo hardcore bondage montage, you’ll be ready for his bitch ass with one of these ridiculously cute poses, courtesy of Venus Angelic. 

Fashion Report – Sophia Webster A/W 2013

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” This was the motto for the show of Sophia Webster on February 18th and it was more than appropriate. 
During London Fashion Week one of the designers that caught my eye was Sophia Webster. It was mainly for her space age, unicorn, pastel palette but I was intrigued by the hyper feminine nature of her designs, which reminded me of anime magical girls (you know fighting crime by daylight, finding love by moonlight).

Sophia Webster is a shoe designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and she has been working as design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood since graduating from the RCA in 2010.
According to Webster the fall 2013 collection was inspired by “Tim Burton, rainbow Narnia, and Clueless”. She also says. about her design aesthetic “There is a lot of embroidered hologram, polkadot metallic and hand drawn, scribble clueless-esque plaid”.  The highlights of the collection are holographic fabric, polka dot prints, over the knee boots with the knees cut out, blacks and whites, lazer cuts on booties all with a pastel candy pop that evokes an intergalactic kick ass She-re motherfucking Princess of Power spending a night on the town.

 She-ra wants new shoes!

Here‘s a link to a video of her show.
You can find her info at her website, and purchase her designs at her net a porter
Photos courtesy of Agatha Torrance and Getty.

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