Forever 21 Bats & Cats Collection

Now regardless of your feelings about the clothing company Forever21, “Bats & Cats”, the latest collection from the fast fashion brand is kinda exciting.
Now lets do the math. Comic books = good. Cheap fashionable clothes = good. Comic + cheap fashionable clothes = good. Got it? Good!
I’m going to be honest. I am so poor right now. I’ve been out of a job for 5 months and I’m at the point that I have to ask my family for help, I’ve been looking for work and I’m starting to get desperate especially now that I see this awesome shit.

I love Batman, but more than anything, I love Catwoman. I love the way that she does her own thing and if that involves being morally ambiguous than so be it. She loves jewelry and being inappropriately sexual towards Batman. She is representative of a woman who exist in a societal structure that is set against her so she, in turn, makes her own rules. When I was 9, I had to write an essay about who I wanted to be and I wrote that I wanted to be Catwoman, I was given an F and told to write it again. True story.
Back to the clothes. This collection is predominately themed after Catwoman but with the recognizable bat symbols sprinkled in there, to be polite but we know it’s all about the Cat. 
My favorite pieces are:

Standout Bat Baseball Cap – $10.80USD

Batty Babe Faux Leather Backpack – $32.80

Spot-On Batman Snapback – $11.80

Batman Leggings – $15.80USD

Spotlight Nail Set – $7.80 USD

Glam Girl Batman Ring – $6.80 USD

Shredded Bat Sweater – $22.80 USD

Bold Cat-eye Sunglasses – $5.80 USD

Catty Cropped Sweater – $22.80 USD

Standout Meow Baseball Cap – $10.80 USD

Street Chic Faux Leather Baseball Cap – $9.80 USD
Round Wings Sunglasses – $5.80 USD 
That being said, I really just want everything in this line. No shame. I love it and resent the fact that I have no money. Hopefully this will be motivation for me to search even harder! Wish me luck! 

Rest in Pittsburgh Fashion Show 9/20

This past Friday, I went to a fashion show in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh. A non-descript kinda house, kinda warehouse, kinda tool shed that has been transformed into a performance space. A place so “under the radar” that when you google ‘The Shop Bloomfield’ nothing comes up. I had to find the newspaper article I heard about it in, search for the girl who is the founder of The Shop, facebook her, then facebook The Shop. In short, this place is the ultimate hipster hideout. Because having a fucking website is apparently “too mainstream” for anybody. Anywho. 
The show was called “Rest in Pittsburgh”, a pun on how Pittsburgh has been called the place where ‘fashion goes to die’, and one of the worst places in the country for fashion by GQ magazine. Pittsburgh is not known for its fashion, its style or even the attractiveness of its people and that may be very validated. But fashion is a form of art, a form of art that very few seem to want to tackle in this city. Most who label themselves “fashion designers” make some sort of reproduction of clothing that can be found in any mainstream store. Very few have tackled fashion with a disregard to comfort and accessibility and just make a creative statement with it, that’s why I was really appreciative of this show and its collaborators. 
I went, expecting something a little different, and that’s exactly what I got. A solo opening by resident drag queen Kitty Klottsalot, as a drunk, sloppy housewife, camping scouts playing a game of telephone, neon hobo fashion, a near fire mishap, teen designers turning themselves into art and people throwing candy at the audience’s head HARD
Overall I thought it was a brilliant show, it was odd, humorous but also creative and a unique perspective on fashion art. The artists involved were Clothes Minded’s – Josh Fedorski with Copeland Liddell and including Dark, Waters Metal Seth LeDonne, Virginia Solitaire Lizzee Solomon, Kitty Klottsalot,Gabe Felice,guinevere,Steph Neary,Autumn Zwibel,moon baby,Vibeka McGyver, &Morgan McCoy.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get any clear shots of Kitty Klottsalot but I think the blurriness only adds to the overall feeling her piece was trying to evoke. 

There was this adorable little boy dancing in the after party I just had to get some shots of him 

Videos coming soon! 

Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2013 schedule

So when you hear Pittsburgh Fashion Week what do you think of? Despite the absurdity of those words strung together into one phrase, I think of bottom heavy women strutting down the runway in zip up hoodies, ill fitting jeans, a dirty t-shirt they’ve had since high school, flip flops and their greasy hair clipped to the back of their heads in a sloppy butterfly clip with a filthy Vera Bradley purse attached to their side.
The words “chic”, “cute”, “sexy” or even “fashionable” don’t really come to mind. Despite that Pittsburgh Fashion Week is in its 4th year, and has been going on all week.
Its not at all like more famous fashion weeks like Paris, London, or New York. At most there is one event a day, with most of them not even being fashion shows. There are mostly networking events, vendor sales, and charity events. Snooze right? I mean how are you supposed to foster fashion in Pittsburgh when you only engage the bored housewives of rich men here? How about fashion shows by young designers? How about fashion exhibits in local boutiques? There are many ways to make it young, hip, exciting and fresh, that just not being done. We will never have anything like NYFW, unless we can get some of that Mercedes Benz money, but we can do more than this.

Well here is the schedule for PFW

Thursday Sept. 26 Tanger Outlet – Showcasing Fall Fashions 
2nd Annual Pink Partini & Fashion Bash
Kristine Sorensen (the host of Pittsburgh Today Live) will Host The Event
Location: Tanger Outlet
7 P.M.
Free for General Admission, $25 for Reserved Pink Seats Sold Out

Saturday Sept. 28 “BTB” Back-To-Back Runway Shows
Featuring Student Designers From The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Location: Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Tickets -10PM

Sunday Sept. 29 Pittsburgh Fashion Hall of Fame Luncheon 
Awarding Six Fashion Icons: Michael Barone, Jean Bryant, Tom Julian, Debbie Norrell, E.B. Pepper, Marianne Skiba. The Exceptional Artist Award: Jacqueline Capatolla
Performances by Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre students
 Location: Omni William Penn Hotel – Grand Ballroom
 Registration at 11AM Doors Open at 11:30AM
Tickets – $65

Fashion: Romance Was Born

Anyone who knows me knows I am an alien.
When I was a kid I used to tell people that my parents were not my actual parents, instead I was hatched from alien DNA and given to two Earth parents who resembled me. This originally came out of my natural embarrassment of my home situation more than my actually belief that I was an alien. But the older I get the more I’m not so sure. Certainly everyone has had times in their life where they felt like they didn’t fit in, but I don’t fit in anywhere.
I saw the runways pictures of Romance Was Born last season on tumblr and feel in love immediately. The strange, girl-who-fell-to-earth vibe was right up my alley.
Here is their Fall 2013 RTW Collection, prepare to be beamed up!

More info from their Vogue profile:
“Few people can say they’ve turned down the chance to work with John Galliano, but the lives of Romance Was Born designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett seem full of weird and wonderful experiences such as this. 
Since they first met while studying at East Sydney Technical College, the pair have carved their niche in the Australian fashion scene with their outlandish designs and theatrical catwalk shows. 
 Plunkett grew up in Albury, in south-western NSW. Plunkett and Sales became friends while studying at East Sydney Technical College and attended The Fourth International Support Awards in Italy where they turned Galliano down. Instead they pursued their love of kitsch and creativity gaining the attention of the fashion media at Australian Fashion Week in 2008. 
In 2008 they produced a capsule collection for retail giant Sportsgirl. Romance Was Born won the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Award in 2008. “We are bold and innovative in the way we design, so it’s good to know people can appreciate it,” Plunkett says. At Australian Fashion Week in 2009 they held an ocean themed collection at the Sydney Theatre Company’s wharf. 
Myf Shepherd appeared on the cover of Vogue Australia, July 2009 in their designs. They have designed for a number of musicians, including Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Lilly Allen and Architecture in Helsinki. 
Inspiration for their shows have included Captain Planet and Freddie Kruger. The pair are known for their unique catwalk shows, which have been shown at places such as the Sydney Conservatorium, the NSW State Library, the University of Sydney and the Sydney Theatre Company. According to Sales, the sets created witin these places enable them to convey the collection’s story better.”

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