Being Disabled and Fabulous!

My mother has a disability and for the longest time that I’ve known her, she has been a disabled woman. But my mother is also one of the most fabulous women that I have in my life and she is an icon to me of a stylish, well dressed woman. Sometimes she is in a wheelchair and sometimes she just needs a strong shoulder to lean on as she walks but she is incredibly able. Today I write in honor of her.
My mom and I on Thanksgiving, 2011
I was on tumblr recently and ran across a girl named Jillian Mercado, who had her wheelchair stolen and was looking for help funding a new one. I clicked further on her links, finding her blog, instagram, and twitter. I was really impressed by this fashion blogger who despite of being wheelchair bound is making many connections and progressions in the fashion industry. 

This got me thinking about another one of my favorite able-minded tumblr icons, Viktoria Modesta. Who, if you don’t know, is a flaw-free model who in 2007 had a voluntary amputation of her leg after suffering from an accident at birth that left her with severe complications. She is known for using her amputated leg as a fashion plate, adorning her leg in swarovski crystals, posing in Bizarre magazine like some sort of futuristic android pin-up!
Unfortunately many women who have wheelchairs or crutches or prosthetic limbs, do not feel as though they can be fashionable. On a recent episode of the American TV show “What Not to Wear” a woman who used crutches said that her crutches make stand out anyway, when all she wanted to do was fit in. But what is the use of that! You have a disability but that disability says nothing about you, your personality, your taste or your style. No one should try to blend into the crowd, none the less someone in a wheelchair or crutches. Bedazzzle that bitch! And make the people gag with your glamour! Looking good makes you feel good, able bodied or not, everyone wants to look and feel their best right?

Listen to Raja

I have some advice for remaining fabulous while being physically impaired. 
If you are in a wheelchair, most attention usually goes to the top half of the body because that’s where your face is and its close to eye level so give that lots of attention. Wear colours and bold prints, pick something bold to wear like a statement necklace or earrings. If you have a condition that affects the size of your legs try to balance it out with your top. If your legs are small, wear wide legged jeans that are tailored and tapered to fit you. If you have a wide upper body, wear slimmer jeans or dress that gives you the appearance of a slimmer lower body, avoid triangle tops, padded shoulders or puffy sleeves. 

Don’t forget shoes! Comfort is always important but so is a nice sole! If you need comfortable, orthopedic shoes go with a nice flat or mule. I found a website called Healthy Feet Store that has some nice options for women and men. 
If you are on crutches find clothes that fit your body and give you nice stretch, you don’t want anything impeding you or dragging on the floor. A fitted blazer, skinny jeans, leggings, a romper, an A-line skirt, a skater dress, these things are all outfits that are comfortable to move in and don’t require a lot of maintenance. 

If you have a prosthetic limb, don’t hide it, flaunt it! There are a number of women I know who have had their legs/arms tattooed and wear them around with high heels and short skirts. Look at Viktoria who uses her leg as a way to set her apart from all the other pretty faces and use that as an example.

Which of these Real Housewives has a prosthetic leg? Who cares! 

Fashion Report: Olympia Le Tan

What do I think about when I think about, when I think about Olympia Le Tan?
A French autumn day, with the sun shining and a terrier at my feet, reading Hemingway day dreaming about getting a cafe mocha with a tall, dark stranger. The orange leaves blowing all around us and through my sweater, up underneath my silk blouse. Oh! Oui Oui!
The designer herself, a French dream! 

To say that her designs aren’t completely twee is a bold face under exaggeration. Old books turned into clutches with hand embroidered (!!!) covers, 60’s girl groups, and The Sound of Music are turned into literal inspirations celebrating the feminine and well-read.
Olympia is a self taught artist who learned embroidery from her grandmother. Born in London and raised in Paris, she worked for Chanel and then for Balmain, before starting her handbag line in 2009. Being a multi-faceted artist she teamed up with Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn and made a stop motion film inspired by her embroidery. 
A short film directed by Spike Jonze and Simon Cahn, hand made with love 
by Olympia Le-Tan.

Embroidered canvas book-clutch, with brass structure and Liberty print lining.

Embroidered canvas book-clutch, with brass structure and Liberty print lining.
Embroidered canvas round clutch, leather structure and Liberty print lining.

Tilda Swinton loves Olympia Le Tan!
Quickly gaining a cult following from celebrities and fashion mavens the world over, she expanded into fashion with a Spring 2013 RTW collection. Inspired by 1960’s girl bands for her debut fashion collection she hired all black models and had a performance by, the ultimate ’60s girl singer, Ronnie Specter
For Fall 2013 RTW she was inspired by the musical film “The Sound of Music”.
In January 2012, Olympia Le-Tan was the guest designer at Pitti W in Florence. For the occasion she created a special collection inspired by Italian literature and cinema, which was presented at the Museo Bellini.

Fashion Report: KTZ A/W 2013

I’m convinced KTZ is part of the Illuminati. I know I shouldn’t talk about the illustrious organization for fear of my life, but KTZ has me concerned. Short for Kokon to Zai, this brand started by Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Berzovski in the 1990’s it has become popularized by many k-pop idols. And we all know how cult like they can be. 
Seen here on Our Beloved Holiness G-Dragon
Also on recent Illuminati inductee A$AP Rocky
KTZ had a showing of their Autuum/Winter collection during London Fashion Week and the looks are a-ma-zing. A combination of their usual black bespoken dark mass type wear (you know when you are doing a ritual sacrifice and you have nothing to wear) and edgy urban street wear. Mixing knits, leathers, and fringe in a way that looks less cowboy and more rock n roll, a route I’ve noticed few designers have thought of going. Blacks and whites were mixed in with golds, reds and a slightly tribal infusion of both, in geometric prints. Low brimmed hats were combined with pleated skirts, and with mixes of plays on volume with skin tight pants and oversized jackets. 
Take a look for yourself, before a certain secret society takes you away! 
Check out a video of their A/W 2013 collection at London Fashion Week! 

Fashion Report: Jeremy Scott A/W 2013

Jeremy… my love, my guide, my muse. I would do anything just to be able to hang out with you and visit your showroom instead of buying your knock offs on Chinese ebay. 
Jeremy Scott‘s last collection as part of New York Fashion Week had a theme that I’m sure was a secret love letter to moi. Prints and designs straight lifted from influences like COOP and Ratfink, it read like a 90’s Liquid Television acid orgasm (google it kids). Now neons and graphic designs are nothing new for Mr. Scott, but the punk, gross out, angsty knitwear was something I thought was a nice departure from his previous forays into Totem pole cultural appropriation chic. In all honesty, when I saw the collection it reminded me of Iron Fist‘s usual designs of cartoon, pop horror, including the occasional long hair neon fur coat but Scott’s collection seemed a little more sophisticated to me. 
Take a look at the collection and judge for yourself.

My Love! ❤ <3<3

Check out Jeremy’s amazeballs website 

Fashion Report – Sophia Webster A/W 2013

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.” This was the motto for the show of Sophia Webster on February 18th and it was more than appropriate. 
During London Fashion Week one of the designers that caught my eye was Sophia Webster. It was mainly for her space age, unicorn, pastel palette but I was intrigued by the hyper feminine nature of her designs, which reminded me of anime magical girls (you know fighting crime by daylight, finding love by moonlight).

Sophia Webster is a shoe designer who studied at the Royal College of Art and she has been working as design assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood since graduating from the RCA in 2010.
According to Webster the fall 2013 collection was inspired by “Tim Burton, rainbow Narnia, and Clueless”. She also says. about her design aesthetic “There is a lot of embroidered hologram, polkadot metallic and hand drawn, scribble clueless-esque plaid”.  The highlights of the collection are holographic fabric, polka dot prints, over the knee boots with the knees cut out, blacks and whites, lazer cuts on booties all with a pastel candy pop that evokes an intergalactic kick ass She-re motherfucking Princess of Power spending a night on the town.

 She-ra wants new shoes!

Here‘s a link to a video of her show.
You can find her info at her website, and purchase her designs at her net a porter
Photos courtesy of Agatha Torrance and Getty.

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