Podcast Episode 16: Adrienne Clark of the Seattle MoPOP!

Tonight was a great interview with Adrienne Clark who works at the Museum of Pop Culture aka the MoPOP here in Seattle. We had a great convo talking about horror paperbacks, Hellraiser, Ryan Reynolds abs, and the new Child’s Play movies. It was a really great convo UNTIL the internet crapped out BUT that just means I’ll have to have her on again real soon!

Please enjoy and I’m sorry about the audio!

Where to find Adrienne: @October_Country on Instagram & @adrienne_edits on Twitter

[Podcast] About to Review #144 – Project Blue Book and Isabella Price!

I was recently asked to guest on my good friend’s podcast About to Review. We talk about everything, from UFO’s, burlesque, horror movies and Bond villans.

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Nocturnal Emissions Episode 10

The holiday season is upon us and the horror news just doesn’t stop! Let’s talk about the new Child’s Play movie, Guillermo del Toro tweets his list of written scripts and the internet goes wild, I talk about the new Suspira compared to the old and what a ‘cream cheese’ personality is, and then the true story of one of California’s most interesting haunted houses, the Los Feliz murder house.

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Scared SIFF | Episode 5 – The Halloween Episode (feat. Barbara Crampton and Isabella Price)

I recorded an episode of Scared SIFF, the podcast of the Seattle International Film Festival with programmer Clinton McClung. We talk about the top movies that take place on Halloween and which ones we would watch if we had to program a dusk to dawn movie showing.

Bonus! Right after me is an interview the the one and only, Barbara Crampton which is mind blowing that she and I are sharing the same byline….

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