[Review] Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special (One-Shot)

Scott Snyder’s 2015 comic Wytches was one of the most popular horror comics to come out in an era of great horror comics and for 3 years fans have been clamoring for more. Fans anticipated the release of Wytches Vol 2 in 2018 but instead received this Halloween special one-shot. A good consolation prize but a consolation prize nontheless.

This comic is a prequel to the events of Wytches Vol 1 and follows the “Irons” family of wytch hunters go against a group of “High Horn” wytches in their small suburban town. The wytch-hunter in training is Sebastian who has had a life of upheaval, disorder and also poisoning micro-doses to train him as a proper hunter. But like any normal pre-teen, he just wants to hang out with his friends and race toy cars and this leads him to a crisis of conviction between the life he has and the life he wants. It all comes crashing down in the final act, with more than one emotional twist that leaves you pitying Sebastian for the kind of person he might grow into.

The art is again illustrated by Jock, which features his signature stained-glass-ink-blot style.

Buy it at Image: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/wytches-bad-egg-halloween-special-one-shot

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“God gives you what you need, the Devil gives you what you want”

When you want something bad enough, would you do anything you can to get it? Would you make a deal with the devil? You wouldn’t? Even if you knew that the person paying for your bargain wasn’t you?

In Brazilian artist Arabson’s comic, Elizabeth Dumn is the daughter of a religious man who promised his first born child in exchange for wealth and success, when the Devil comes for what he was owed, its up to her to fight for her soul. Elizabeth is unloved, accused by her family of being unlovable, she is mean and vulgar and violent. She is sent to a boarding school where she is taught to fight and hold on to her will, away from her family, where they don’t have to think about her anymore. She stands in opposition to her brother, who is the perfect version of what their parents want in a child, he is Christian, virginal, obedient and docile, he’s the only one that shows real concern for Elizabeth. Whether because of her gender or because of her nature Elizabeth’s sacrifice is seen as being for the families greater good, but she doesn’t see it that way.

There are many elements in this comic that are striking despite it’s short, one-shot format. The family is seemingly Christian, but hides domestic violence and selfishness. Elizabeth is pegged as being no good because of her unfeminine and wild ways, but it’s all of those unfeminine ways that help save her life.

The comic’s art style is reminiscent of French artist Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belville) with grotesque lines and repulsive expressions, it gives the whole thing a dark sense of humor. No one is good in this. No one is innocent. The action is fluid and fast and manic, at times disgusting, at others the emotions of the characters hit you before you even know it.

Pick it up November 15th if you’re looking for something with a bad-ass female lead who doesn’t suffer the sins of her father.

With colors by Anderson Cabral and translation by Eisner Award winner James Robinson – See more at: https://imagecomics.com/content/view/the-terrible-elisabeth-dumn-against-the-devils-in-suits-takes-readers-throu#sthash.5tqEt7ux.dpuf

Film Review: Daisies (Sedmikrásky)

1966 film Daises (Polish title: Sedmikrásky) had come to my town for only 4 days so I had to go out and see it! I had been exposed to it like how I’m exposed to most things these days, through tumblr and knew that it was a feminist, avant garde, experimental film with pretty interesting imagery.

I should have stolen this poster
The film opens with old war footage intercut with the grinding of the gears of a machine. The war footage is bombings from above and set up the feeling of reality versus the fantastical setting of the rest of the film. Made in 1966 by Věra Chytilová, one of the members of the  Czechoslovak New Wave and the first female director in her country. Made during the communist rule of   Czechoslovak and made with government money, this film was immediately banned for its supposed anarchist and feminist message. 
The two main characters both named Marie (Maria?) arrive on the screen like puppets and declare “The world is spoiled! We will be just as spoiled!” and announce that they will only engage in naughty acts. Okay I’m totally on board. They date older men for dinner and then ditch them on a train that leaves town, they get wasted every chance they get, they eat apples and pickles in their bedroom, wear coordinating outfits, hang out in bathrooms, put on tons of black eyeliner and disrupt nearly every environment they are in. They are like nymphs, at one innocently frolicking through a green pasture then rolling around the bed in their nighties.
The film uses color development and collages to an abstract point. Some scenes are red, blue, yellow or all three in a 3-d glasses effect, others are entirely in black and white. There are many scenes with flowers cut together with voice overs of words like “Die! Die! Die!” 
If there is a point to be made from this film it is the question that if a world is so screwed up by men, their lust for women, their desire for war, shouldn’t women in turn just destroy everything and behave badly in a world that treats us so badly? I say yes. Well sort of. 
The film is whimsical and cute at times, the girls are harmless never hurting anything more than feelings. But when they are laying down in a bedroom covered in men’s phone numbers, listening to a man beg for one of the girls love with empty promises over the phone (“I can only think of you”…blahblahblah “I think I’m in love with you” blahblahblah) the girls giggle while eating sausages, bananas and pickles with long shears, snipping at the length like a rough circumcision. 
They are messages all around, men are useless, they lie and use for their own amusement but when you play with them they accuse you of being cold and heartless. Or perhaps its an allegory on war, the endless consuming and destruction and toying with people’s lives as if it were all a game, shows how small acts complete a total picture of cruelty. I don’t know! 
If you are going to watch this film, absorb the beautiful surrealist imagery and the nonsensical acts of the two girls and have an open mind. There is no plot, no character arc, the girls reform their ways at the end and swear to be good (only because they are bored) and are crushed by a chandelier. I’m not ruining anything for you because, well, it doesn’t matter anyway you still have no fucking clue whats going on. They lay on the table in the closing scene wrapped up in newspaper like pieces of chopped meat waiting to be devoured by the society that they have given themselves over to.
 Enjoy the adorable sense of nihilism and the rampant misandry and anti-establishment attitude! It’s really a punk movie after all, for all the girls on the pastel punk movement, they will appreciate the message of the girls and rally for the message of living your life as you want, because everything is fucked anyway.
I felt invigorated afterwards. I felt light and carefree. Who cares what other people think of me? Who cares what people want and expect of me? It is my life and I exist on my own. 
Who cares that people shout things at me? And try to touch me against my will and think that I am not capable of doing the things I want to in life? This is my life! I will do what I want! Who cares? The world is spoiled and so am I! 
If you want to see the movie, check your local art house for a screening near you. If you don’t have a screening, watch the whole thing on Vimeo! Yaow! 

DVD Review: Magic Mike (oh yeaaaaahhhsssss)

Put on a baggy t-shirt. Turn the music up loud. Lock the door. Grab your lotions. Cause you know what time it is….
Magic Mike review BITCHES!!!
oh yes. It’s my honor, no, my pleasure to give you this review. One of the most pleasurable movies to watch of this past year and my guiltiest (but I don’t really feel that bad) pleasures. 
God Bless America

The movie centers around a motivated, hard working young man named
Mike who does a favor for a down and out friend named Adam, who can’t seem to land a job. He introduces him to his night job at an all-male strip club, Xquisite. Adam soon discovers that Mike is “Magic Mike”, the club’s number one performer. Adam, lured in by the ease of fast money and female attention agrees to join the club. But the world of stripping is not what it seems, fraught with violence, drugs, alcohol and dangerous women. It really is a simple “be careful what you wish for”/”fall from grace” type story, at its core. Take one young innocent plus temptation plus wise older mage type plus taste of death equals redemption, but the story isn’t really about that. It’s Mike’s story and he, despite being an exotic dancer with a taste for bisexuals, is a vulnerable person looking for honest love and a way out of the business to start his furniture company. He falls in love with Adam’s sister who shows him a life out of the endless party life that he has led. 
Now i’m not going to bullshit you. If you like sexy ass men shaking their be-thonged buttcheeks at you while also getting a story about a young man trying to do good, this is the movie for you. If you like more… meat… with your movies, then maybe its not for you. I came for the butts and stayed for the butts. I wasn’t disappointed. Channing Tatum can dance like crazy and that’s really nice to watch, if you like that sort of thing. I must admit I have been to a few male strip shows and this depiction of a packed club with screaming housewives waving fat stacks of cash at men who basically dry hump them is fairly accurate. It shouldn’t be a surprise, since the screenplay was based on Channing Tatum’s former life as a male dancer.  
The movie is by director Steven Soderbergh, who made Haywire, Contagion, The Girlfriend Experience (starring Sasha Grey, yes that Sasha Grey), oh and all the Ocean’s Eleven movies nbd. He is known as being a director that is fearless and not afraid of experimentation and I think is one of the most underrated directors of our time (next to every single female director in the world). I would give one of his films a try since no two are the same it might give you a new favorite director. 
All in all, Magic Mike is a simple story about who you are versus what you do with penis bulges  oiled pecs and Matthew McConaughey in assless chaps. If you want a movie to watch with your girlfriends or a boy’s night in, its a great slumber party movie. Light and predictable but plenty of pretty to distract you from it’s heavy morality tale plot line. 
I give it….
Three Thongs 
Not the greatest but good enough to pause at certain places and masturbate to. 

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