From the Mind of Christine McConnell – My Forest Home Renovation Tour!

In this episode, Christie McConnell tours her 1930’s Forest home and feature all of the changes she’s made to it over the last five years.

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Blumhouse’s First Female Directed Movie Drops Trailer

If you’ve been keeping up with the world of horror, you might remember last October when Blumhouse CEO and Producer, Jason Blum insulted nearly every female horror fan. Blum was asked about the lack of female directors in his roster of films, and his response left people wanting when he said he just didn’t know any. After a wave of backlash about the improbability of a man who is VERY well connected in the horror world and whose JOB it is to know as many filmmakers as possible, to not know any female filmmakers, including the woman who was his personal assistant for several years.

Regardless, there was a very quick turn around and Blumhouse now has TWO whole movies, directed by women, coming out in the near future. The first being Sophia Takal’s remake of Black Christmas, the next being Chelsea Stardust’s Satanic Panic. Below is the first look at Takal’s movie, BEWARE: the trailer gives ALOT away.

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[Video]What is the Oldest Mummy in the World? – Ask A Mortician

Currently there is a revolution going on. A revolution that many don’t know about, but one that all people will be impacted by. That is the current Death Revolution. There are people working to change the way that we view death, the way we approach burials and to make funerals more accessible to all people. People like Caitlin Doughty who runs a youtube channel called Ask a Mortician, where she talks about different topics around death. In this episode she talks about the history of mummification and how far back it traces.

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[Video]The Shining REDRUM Patterned Roll Cake – The Homicidal Homemaker Horror Cooking Show

During the winter months, when the snow is coming down and the sunlight comes out for maybe 2 hours at most, it’s high time for baking! This is the time of year when my electricity bill is through the roof from my crock pot being fired up for 8 hours and my oven on 24/7 hours. It makes the house warmer and it smells like fresh baked goods or tasty chicken.
The Homicidal Homemaker has just what you need for when you’re snowed in at home with your axe wielding lover and psychic child, this Shining inspired roll cake!

Get your bake on and make sure you follow the Homicidal Homemaker on her youtube page!

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Godzilla Reboot

This blog, that you are currently on, is called Monster Girl. I will tell you why. I love monsters, all kinds, the more destructive the better. My first exposure was through a TV show called “Power Rangers”. Oh you know them? Damn right becuase they were amazing. I wanted nothing more as a small child than to marry Tommy, the green power ranger and defeat giant monsters then ride off into the sunset on his motorcycle. Perhaps this was the beginning of my love of bad boys as well…
Really when I think about it, my first real exposure to monsters was probably Barney, the purple dinosaur. I mean, he was as much a kaiju as Godzilla was.
Seeing the first Godzilla movie was literally life changing for me. How could any child see a rampaging, radioactive lizard monster and identify with it immediately I don’t know. I obviously have issues. But there was something about the King of Monsters. Perhaps it was the fact that, like most monsters, Godzilla wasn’t a monster by choice. He was a product of an irresponsible and cruel society that not only had little regard for human life but also for the nature that spawned us. Just like humans who rose from the early primordial ocean to reek havok on its environment, Godzilla rose from the ocean and fucked shit up. The Japanese turned perhaps the largest, most devestating human tragedy as the nuclear bomb and made a creature that fucked them up even more. Godzilla could be seen as a metaphor of the nuclear destruction, of American consumption, of insurmountable rage. What also struck me was that most of the time the people needed Godzilla, that despite the fact that it was the humans who made him what he was, he still helped defend them. I saw Godzilla as the savior, who comes to a people with a message and leaves them, never asking for a bit of thanks.
I own most of the movies, my favorite being Godzilla vs Mothra (1964) and Destroy all Monsters (1968). In 1998 an American movie was made of Godzilla and naturally I was in that movie line the opening day. The movie starred Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, and a whole bunch of other people too… Anyway this movie was just like every other 90’s action/science fiction movie much like Independence Day, Deep Impact, Armageddon ect… There is massive destruction, one white guy who miraculously survives it all and is the key to saving humanity and government baddies who stand in his way. It was disappointing, not only to me but fans of the franchise. The main complaints being that it was too much action and not enough plot (I don’t even remember the plot tbh). But the one addition to this franchise is the very controversial decision to give Godzilla a sex change, yeah thats right, in this film Godzilla was a lady, the Queen of all Monsters. This decision was and still is, disputed as many claim that Godzilla is actually a hermaphrodite, neither male or female but both (as though it would be so horrible if Godzilla actually was a woman). From that time on, I have associated Godzilla as a hermaphrodite, which many people find strange, but I think makes the character even more dynamic.
Well cut to 2013 and here we are with a new trailer for a new movie, and I have to say, it looks good. The design looks more like the original, iconic spined back Godzilla, with an upright stance and a humanoid body. The plot from what I’m gathering is more along the lines of Destroy all Monsters, with Godzilla defending humanity from other, invading monsters. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Ken Watanabe (Inception), and Juliet Binoche (Dan in Real Life).
Below is the teaser trailer which doesn’t show much of anything but is full of awesome imagery.

The release is May 2014 for the US.

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