Insomnia: Black Dogs

I met Adrian a couple of years ago though a mutual friend who knew that we were both interested in making videos about the paranormal on youtube. Shortly after that Adrian left for (one of) my hometown of Austin and we never got around to actually collaborating on videos. But we kept in touch and bounced video ideas and words of encouragement off of each other. Adrian has made music for my podcast and is a really incredible editor, more than that, he’s a great dude.

While my youtube channel is on hiatus while I work on getting a new computer, Adrian is still working on his. When he asked me if I would like to add my voice to one of his videos, the answer was an enthusiastic ‘YES!’. It was a really fun and easy collab and I hope to make many more in the near future.

Please check out our video and subscribe to Adrian’s channel for more spooky stories and fun let’s plays!

Insomnia: Black Dogs

Join me and Insomnia host Adrian La Delia on an exploration of the legends, and sightings of Black Dogs. We collaborated on this video, with my additional narrations. I hope you guys like it and I hope that we can make more videos. His editing is much better than mine!

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