Fantastic Feasts: Jack Skellington’s Nightmare Before Christmas gingerbread house -SYFY FANGRRLS

When I was asked by my editor at FANGRRLS if I wanted to do a gingerbread house to run alongside the FANGRRLS Genrebread Contest (it runs till December 28 and you should enter!), I immediately said yes for three simple reasons:

1. I freaking love gingerbread.
2. It’s a genre contest which means I get to do my all-time favorite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas.
3. Did I mention I love gingerbread? I do.

Because gingerbread houses are traditionally considered a Christmas project, I decided to do my take on Jack Skellington’s house at the end of the film when Santa makes it snow in Halloweentown and have fun imagining how he’d decorate his place for the occasion.

Of course, the first thing I needed to do was find some good reference photos.

Luckily for me, Nightmare Before Christmas has only gotten MORE popular in the 25 years since it was released and there are lots of incredible products out there dedicated to serious NBC collectors (like myself), including this amazing replica of Jack’s house (hint hint, Secret Santa!).

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Have a Surrealist Thanksgiving with Salvador Dali’s recipes

In 1973 Salvador Dali published his cookbook Les Diners des Gala (Diner for a Gala) in which 136 recipes over 12 chapters are printed with his ubiquitous collages, pictures of the bizarre creations and photos of Dali himself with world class chefs. The food itself isn’t really that odd, with recipes like ‘Roast side of Beef and vegetables’ and “Lobster Tail in Tomato Sauce”, what is truly iconic are his presentations.

I have always aspired to be a party host, watching countless episodes of Martha Stewart Living, The Barefoot Contessa, and Nadia G’ Bitchin Kitchen. I’ve always aspired to be dressed in my finest, cooking course after course of unique and delicious meals for my friends. Right now it seems a little far-fetched, I live in a compact 1 bedroom apartment, with a small dining room table that is currently covered in burlesque costume ephemera.  But I still pick up items for the eventual parties I will throw, items like plates, cups, serving bowls, silverware or what else would add to the over all atmosphere. I have the goal of throwing regular parties so crazy, with artists, thinkers and influencers that it becomes legendary. Until then, I will just continue to pin food ideas in my pinterest board and continue collecting pieces for my future parties. 

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Popup Shop “Pop-Tarts Trick & Treat Cafe” is Offering Halloween-Themed Treats in NYC This Weekend

Beginning yesterday, Kellogg’s NYC Café has transformed into a fright-filled tasting experience complete with a creepy crypt beneath the café. Zombies, demons and truly scary surprises await you at every corner of this haunted house experience, complete with puzzles that help guide you to the brand-new Pop-Tarts® Bites —before anyone else can even taste them.

The Pop-Tarts Trick & Treat Café is open through Saturday, October 27, from 11am through 11pm each day, offering tasty treats and terrifying tricks.

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Beetlejuice Curry – Recipe

In case you missed my announcement post on October 1st (this one!), you probably know that I am hosting this month’s Food ‘n Flix event here at Kahakai Kitchen with the perfect October and Halloween movie, Beetlejuice! Although not the most foodie of films, entries have already been coming in and as usual, my Food ‘n Flix fellow participants, both old and new are outdoing themselves with creative and fun entries. I can’t wait to show you in the roundup I will be doing after the deadline!

If for any reason you have not seen Beetlejuice, my announcement post gives a quick breakdown of the plot so I won’t go into that in this post and instead, I’ll talk about my movie-inspired dish.

I have seen Beetlejuice about a bazillion times and probably my favorite part is the dinner party scene with the sculptural shrimp cocktails that turn into hands and grab the guests into their bowls (but not until after their bodies are taken over by a rousing dance to The Banana Boat Song). I knew going in, I would take inspiration from those shrimp and the bowls but I wanted to change things up a bit. Instead of shrimp cocktail, I wanted to make some sort of soup and have the shrimp over the side–instead of in it.


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Yes, even Pokemon can celebrate Halloween. And when you think about it, that’s not too unusual. The notion of kids going door to door, either “catching” all the candy there is to be had, or doing battle with unique tricks if none is to be had, must seem a very familiar ritual to them. This year we’ve already seen ghostly Pokemon gear from the new Lavender Town collection, but now Japan’s Pokemon Cafe is switching up their menu for the spooky season, and now we’re trying to figure out a way we can hop on a plane and justify it as a trick-or-treating expense.

SoraNews24 clued us in to all the tasty items, and we wanna eat ’em all. First up is Pikachu’s Halloween Clever Plate, which is basically the same Pikachu entree they serve all year, except now he has a little hat and a new Halloween collector plate. The Pikachu is made of potato, and comes with salad, hash-brown stars, burger patty, and a fried shrimp.

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