Podcast Episode 16: Adrienne Clark of the Seattle MoPOP!

Tonight was a great interview with Adrienne Clark who works at the Museum of Pop Culture aka the MoPOP here in Seattle. We had a great convo talking about horror paperbacks, Hellraiser, Ryan Reynolds abs, and the new Child’s Play movies. It was a really great convo UNTIL the internet crapped out BUT that just means I’ll have to have her on again real soon!

Please enjoy and I’m sorry about the audio!

Where to find Adrienne: @October_Country on Instagram & @adrienne_edits on Twitter

Podcast Episode 14: Amie Simon Comes to Play

I finally got my dear friend Amie Simon to come on my podcast and talk horror with me. Amie is a blogger, movie critic and horror fanatic, we’ve been on panels together and I wanted to talk to her about being a woman in the field and her latest projects.

You can find Amie’s work at the links below, please give her work the love it deserves!





Listen to the episode here.


Gods and Monsters with Satyros Phil Brucato, Hiromi Cota, James Sambrano and Isabella Price

Last week I was interviewed for Mage: The Podcast with my collaborators on a table top RPG book that we wrote together. It is called Gods and Monsters¬†and it’s a compendium for the World of Darkness books. I was brought in to write the pieces on African/loa/voodoo creatures and deities. It was such an honor to be in on this project and I’m really happy with the results. Please take a listen to our interview and if you play the book, please let me know what you thought!

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