‘Attack the Block’, A Brief Excavation

Long is the list of science-fiction mediated texts that deals with social issues, especially race. Vic Morrow’s character was forced to confront his bigotry in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) and the shift of social power that was the authority of Black folks as their integrity and compassion was tested for the mercy of whites in one of Ray Bradbury’s short stories in Illustrated Man, first published in 1951. The vast possibilities for what this genre allows is the reason so many of us love it. It keeps stories fresh with its ‘anything goes’ ideology.

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Movie Review: A Look Back at “The X Files: I Want to Believe” (2008)

There’s an X-Files movie just sitting out there, ignored and unloved by the fandom because the filmmakers decided to try relaunching the series after 6 years off the air without the alien mythos being the backbone of the story. It’s time to revisit it with a new perspective, knowing there will be no aliens.

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Jordan Peele and Lavar Burton Team Up for New Show!

You may think that Netflix has the market cornered on cautionary tales about modern-day technology with Black Mirror, but you’d be wrong. The stories from Charlie Brooker & Co. are bleak and unsettling, which means there’s room for a more lighthearted version of a sci-fi anthology series.

Enter Weird City, an upcoming YouTube Premiere show from Key & Peele writers Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders. Set in a futuristic city named “Weird,” the comedic series packs a wallop of a cast: Mark Hamill, Michael Cera, Sara Gilbert, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rosario Dawson, Laverne Cox, Steven Yeun, Auli’i Cravalho, Ed O’Neill, Awkwafina, Dylan O’Brien, Hannah Simone, and LeVar Burton.

Here’s the trailer:

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‘See You Yesterday’: Spike Lee-Produced Sci-Fi/Time Travel Drama Lands At Netflix

Talk about AfroTech! See You Yesterday, an upcoming sci-fi drama film based on the 2017 short film of the same name, has landed at Netflix for distribution.

It is the directorial debut of Lee protege, Stefon Bristol, who also helmed the short film.

Relative newcomers Eden Duncan-Smith and Danté Crichlow reprise their roles from the short film in a feature film scripted by Bristol and Fredrica Bailey.

The film revolves around “two Brooklyn teenage science prodigies, Claudette “C.J.” Walker (Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian J. Thomas (Crichlow), who build make-shift time machines to save C.J.’s brother, Calvin, from being wrongfully killed by a police officer.” Co-stars include Astro Bradley, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Wavvy Jones.

The original short was an HBO Short Film competition finalist at the American Black Film Festival. It can currently be found on Cinemax’s Max Go. In reviewing the short film, Aramide Tinubu wrote for Shadow and Act, “Despite its short runtime, See You Yesterday is electrifying (literally). It encompasses issues of police brutality and the innate desire that all humans have to return the past with the opportunity to do things differently. The teens’ frantic determination as they race against time is visceral.”

Netflix is set to debut the feature film sometime next year.

Watch the trailer for the short film – ‘See You Yesterday’: Spike Lee-Produced Sci-Fi/Time Travel Drama Lands At Netflix – Shadow and Act

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