[Podcast] Nocturnal Emissions #13: US, Greta, Horror Noire, and Ghost Watch!

I have another episode of my podcast out, episode 13, lucky number! In this episode I talk about the movies I’ve seen recently, and what my thoughts were. It’s not spoiler-y, but it does help if you’ve seen these movies before.

If you are interested in watching Horror Noire and Ghost Watch you can get 30 days FREE with Shudder if you use my code: NOCTURNAL. Tell em Isabella sent you!

The Ending Of Jordan Peele’s ‘Us,’ Explained

It was all right there in the trailer.

There was Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) looking, dressing and acting like a regular degular Black mom in a car with her husband and two kids, headed to the beach. Then, Luniz’ “I Got 5 on It,” comes on the radio and she tries to get her young son Jason to…snap along with the song. “Get in rhythm,” she tells him, but sis, which one? She’s snapping on the one and the two and the three and a half. Adelaide is a fraud.

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