[Astrology] Weekly Horoscope: January 28 – February 3

We finally get a breath of fresh air now that the January eclipses are over! With a new moon next Monday, now is the time we can more clearly witness the beginnings of a new year. Spend this week preparing for whatever new moon manifestation rituals you want to perform next week without worrying about unexpected interference from eclipses.

We can invent our own life-hacks early this week, and they will be materially supported by grounding planetary aspects. We have a burst of mental clarity as cerebral Mercury meets with the sun in Aquarius on Monday at 9:52 PM. It is a creatively re-energizing time when we find brilliant applications for scatterbrained, mad scientist logic. Practical applications of novel ideas are further supported by a connection between Saturn, the planet of structure, and Neptune, the planet of fantasy, on Thursday at 9:21 AM—this instills discipline and forges the connections to legacy that are necessary to accomplish our wildest dreams.

Rifts between innovation and tradition will be aggravated this weekend as action planet Mars squares off with power planet Pluto at 10:15 PM on Friday—a breakthrough change will occur to implement more sustainable systems (or worst-case scenario, for greed to prevail). On a smaller scale, it represents a clash between new activities and old, likely inherited, habits.

Get out and see the world this weekend! Strange beauty is everywhere as aesthetic Venus harmonizes with rebellious Uranus on Saturday at 6:40 PM, exposing us to shocking new beauty trends and freaky individuals, which helps us to expand our world view. Further exploration is encouraged by the connection between messenger Mercury and philosophical Jupiter on Sunday afternoon at 4:55 PM. This weekend’s initial impulses to do something absurd are dialed back as Venus enters traditional, grounded Capricorn at 5:30 PM.

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5 Tarot Readers on the Legacy of Pamela Colman Smith

Four years ago, I purchased my first Rider-Waite deck, the best-known tarot deck, from a bookshop in Greenwich Village. Squeezing past the crowd of customers swarmed around a table filled with crystals and pendulums, I scanned shelf after shelf of tarot decks: cat tarot, vampire tarot, mermaid tarot. I didn’t know where to begin. A woman nearby asked if I was looking for a deck for myself or for a friend. Afraid of sounding like a newbie, I lied and said that it was for a friend. “Try the Rider-Waite,” she suggested. “It’s a classic.”

Once I got home, I slid out the vibrant cards. They felt familiar and mysterious at once. After shuffling through the Major and Minor Arcana, I reached for the black-and-white booklet that came with the deck. As I read through the first few pages, I came across the name of the artist who designed the cards that surrounded me: Pamela Colman Smith. Her contributions to the deck boiled down to two small paragraphs, Smith’s life and legacy felt like a footnote in the shadow of the occult scholar Arthur Edward Waite. A biography released earlier this year, Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story by Stuart R. Kaplan, Mary K. Greer, Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, and Melinda Boyd Parsons explores Smith’s life, but her name and story continue to be largely glossed over in discussions of the deck.

Born on February 16, 1878, in London, Corinne Pamela Colman Smith, also known as “Pixie,” grew up abroad and split her formative years between England, Jamaica, and New York. Smith’s penchant for narrative manifested itself in various mediums: illustrations, oil paintings, poetry, folktales, miniature theatre, costume design, and ultimately tarot. Smith began her studies at the Pratt Institute at the age of 15. In 1899, she published a collection of illustrated Jamaican folktales and soon met W.B. Yeats, who commissioned illustrations from Smith to accompany his work. While working with Yeats, Smith became a member of the Isis-Urania Temple of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Shortly after, she met Arthur Edward Waite. In his autobiography Shadows of Life and Thought, Waite describes Smith as “a most imaginative and abnormally psychic artist.” Waite asked Smith to design the 78 cards that later became known as the Major and Minor Arcana. Although this project would introduce countless generations to Smith’s work, she herself considered the project “a big job for little cash.”

Originally published in 1909 as the Rider deck—later known as the Rider-Waite and, most recently, the Smith-Waite deck—Smith’s iteration of Waite’s vision became the standard for future iterations of tarot and a touchstone deck for tarot practitioners and students alike. Despite this, many are still unaware of her story and the expansiveness of her work. In honor of Smith’s legacy, I spoke with five women of the African diaspora who practice tarot—Courtney Alexander, Vei Darling, Staci Ivori, Bri Luna, and Rachel True—about the power of tarot and representation and how learning about Smith’s contributions to tarot is an affirmation.

Who is Scorpio?

I’ve been thinking about doing this kind of series for a while now. I even made a go at it with one (!) video on youtube. They call me an over achiever! But seriously, a series on the astrological signs has been in my mind for months, and when you can’t stop thinking about something, I feel you must act on it.

Let’s start with the Scorpion:

If you were born post 2016, your astrological dates look like this:

  • Capricorn: Jan 20 – Feb 16
  • Aquarius: Feb 16 – March 11
  • Pisces: March 11 – April 18
  • Aries: April 18 – May 13
  • Taurus: May 13 – June 21
  • Gemini: June 21 – July 20
  • Cancer: July 20 – Aug 10
  • Leo: Aug 10 – Sept 16
  • Virgo: Sept 16 – Oct 30
  • Libra: Oct 30 – Nov 23
  • Scorpio: Nov 23 – Nov 29
  • Ophiuchus: Nov 29 – Dec 17
  • Sagittarius: Dec 17 – Jan 20

With the notable inclusion of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus. You would have to be born between November 23rd and 29th to be considered a Scorpio. But if you were born before 2016, it’s October 23 and November 22nd. This is due to the change of position in stars in the heavens since astrology was created.

Its science folks. I don’t know what to tell you.

The Scorpion is a Water sign, ruled over by the “planet” Pluto. They are deep feeling individuals with mysterious minds and hearts, much like their ruler “planet” (don’t @ me Neil Degrass Tyson), they exist in the outer edges of the solar system enjoying their alone time but intriging the rest of the zodiac as to their real motivations and feelings.

Having a bad reputation the Scorpio is often misunderstood. I have often said that I don’t fuck with Scorpios myself but they deserve a deeper look. Scorpios can be very secretive and hold many of their desires close to their chest, they enjoy listening to people’s problems and issues but often so that they can store that intel for a future date, whether that be what kind of Christmas present to give you or how to completely destroy you for humiliating them. You never really know with a Scorpio.

They don’t attack unless provoked, and when they are provoked they aim to kill. It’s not like the other water signs like Cancer, who find defending themselves difficult or Pisces, who often tolerate much abuse before standing up, the Scorpio is known for it’s poison stinger. They are often unrelenting in their pursuit once they are offended, and will harm a person deeply if they feel it’s justified. Unlike the Ram Aries, they aren’t physically violent, they prefer more quiet and subtle ways of attacking, going after people’s emotional lives.

The Scorpio is also a deep lover, and once they decide who they love, they love that person completely, regardless of how the other one feels sometimes. They are capable of being very charming, funny, witty, and good looking, so many people fall hard for the Scorpio but they are really only looking for one special person, or maybe a few special people.

Be careful with their emotions and hearts, a Scorpio can be a deeply sensitive person, they don’t enjoy being played with emotionally and can retreat deep into their emotional selves if they are treated poorly.

So be nice to the Scorpio… or else.



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